Pancetta and Cheddar Buns

Pancetta and Cheddar Buns.



Finally I find the strength and time to write about my adventure in the kitchen. I come to England 2 years ago. Everything was new and excited. All my taste buds was shocked. I think this is whole adventure for me to trying new tastes and recipes. Of course I am twisting recipes to my taste. But mostly I love baking bread. Bread is important in my culture. You share bread with everyone no matter who they are. It is about sharing, giving and enjoying together. I remember from my childhood dark thick sliced bread. My nana used to dip in olive oil and sprinkle some chillies on it to give it to me. I was running back to street to my friends running dripping olive oil bread slice. This is the memory I always remember. I still can smell my slice. I am still trying to get same taste of that bread but I don’t think I can. Maybe one day.

Hope you will enjoy being here. This is a humble spot for one girls kitchen adventure.


Love XXX